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The entrance is not flush so can't cycle in to the park from Honour Lea Ave - have to use the Zebra Crossing which has a small turning circle

Hard to access the cycleway if moving with the flow of traffic because it is on the other side of the road, on the pavement.

South Eastern should allow tandems off peak on the London to Kent Javellin trains so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

'New' painted cycle lane is awful, dangerous, filled with potholes, time restricted. This means it's very difficult to use. The road is very wide - please make a proper segregated cycle lane to link to Stratford's excellent cycle lanes!

Pavement is too narrow here, with lots of street obstacles making it very difficult to social distance. EG phone box, utilities boxes.

Make this area cycle friendly with segregated cycle lane

Dangerous and difficult to navigate this junction on a bike. Better cycle lane needed

The rumble paving along the Greenway is not consistent with the lane markings. ie cross path rumbles on the cycle side and in-line strips on the walking side.

To cross the A117 cyclists and pedestrians are forced to wait for 5 separate sets of lights. Most of these are at red even when the traffic light sequence means no cars are going to pass.

CS3 should be signposted to leave the A13 here cross at the footbridge and proceed along Bow Creek before turning toward Sorrel Lane.

Segregated cycle lane needed along Barking road, as cars park along the ones marked on the road and this would also serve to make cycling feel safer and be more accessible to the community

Constant pavement parking and driving. Forces people to walk in roads. Blocks dropped kerbs, etc.

20mph speed limit needed here -20mph either side of this section so why not here?

Pedestrianise Woodgrange Rd allowing only bus and cycle traffic - it would become a joy for pedestrians! (presently horrendous to walk or cycle) would allow cafes etc to spread to road & market stalls etc

Point closure needed here to create neighbourhood cells to cut rat running and improve environment (in conjunction with one on Capel rd)

Finish off cycle way! quietway 6 was funded by TFL and Newham are still 2 years behind Redbridge who have completed their parts on Forest drive and onwards!

Point closure needed here to prevent rat running and reduce traffic -would also allow pedestrians to more easily social distance on narrow pavements

24 bus lanes would be a quick and easy fix to allow more space for cycling -together with parking restriction enforcement (very poor at present!)

Heavy traffic so highly polluted road, limited space for cycling and high speeds from careless drivers

Cycling on the south side towards the city, the road surface is so deteriorated that it's really stressful and dangerous to cycle here

Chobham Road is a popular rat run for cars and HGVs between Westfield/Stratford and Leytonstone.

The Greenway is very busy now since March. Two cycle lanes are needed and two footpaths are needed.

Surface of cycle lane needs to be repaired. It is dangerously rutted

More filtering needed across this area

The London Cycle Network Route 16 is routed over a Zebra crossing onto a narrow pavement then sharply back on itself back up to the Greenway. This junction needs serious improvement. The path up to the Greenway is also very narrow.

Greenway crossing over the main road needs improvement. Now a busy crossroads of Quietway 22/London Cycle Network Route 16 and CS2 yet traffic signals make you wait ages even with no traffic and the central reservation is not large enough t ... [more]

The road splits into a left turn lane, meaning cyclists heading straight on have to move to the centre lane. This is unsafe as motorists often don't seem to notice the road markings or understand the purpose of this movement! Better signage ... [more]

A cycle path from Silvertown towards North Woolwich simply ends here. Pavement should be extended and made into a shared path right along Factory Road to North Woolwich.

Factory Road is a direct route from North Woolwich to Silvertown. A cycle path ends part way into Factory Road at the Silvertown end, but the rest of the road to here is of poor quality surface and cars speed along here as it is long and st ... [more]

Give greenway priority over this access road.

For East/West travel this is the main way to access the Greenway there are frequently cars speeding and parked cars

The whole of Romford Road needs a segregated cycle lane. Should upgrade CS2 from Stratford all the way to Ilford. And should consider santander bikes along the route to encourage cycling.

Pavements are too narrow for social distancing. Plus with shopfronts and several parking bays there's hardly 2metres of pavement! Sort it out!

All hospitals should various cycle ways that converge on them to allow patients and staff to safely travel in. Public health

Street is plenty wide enough to have really big, safe cycle lanes

Make this cycle path safe from mugging. My employer encouraged me to drive because the 'greenway was not safe'. Tell the police to do something and make this safe.

Convert junction to a Protected Roundabout with cycleway priority. Every child at Chobham Academy should be able to cycle to school safely.

Prevent car parking on pavement obstructing supermarket queue.

Too many parking spaces for car. No cycling lanes nor spaces to park a bike

Cycle lane needed southbound between Stratford Broadway and Barking Road. Inadequate safe north/ south routes in area. Also road repairs needed to make safe.

Too many parked cars,blind corner, driver often take the blind corner fast,on the wrong side of the road, making it risky for cycling. Remove car parking at the bend.

Too many parked cars,blind corner, driver often take the blind corner fast,on the wrong side of the road, making it risky for cycling. Remove car parking at the bend.

The pavement is wide, which is nice, but due to parked cars and no end of traffic jams, there is not enough space to cycle here safely between Forest Gate station and Romford Road.

This road could be a quiet alternative to Woodgrange Road, to access Forest Gate station from Romford Road. It is full of parked cars, reducing space for cycling and it is also a rat run, often drivers trying to bully cyclists off their saf ... [more]

Pelly Road used to be a quiet alternative to the parallel, manic Upton lane. Now there are so many parked cars, that thye rduce the road to a single lane, resulting in close passes or drivers driving into the cyclist on the wrong side of th ... [more]

Dropped kerb here to enter or exit the cycle path.

If you come from Plasitow on the Greenway and want to continue on the other side, to cross this junction on a bike or on foot, you have to wait at about 6 red lights. Design a more direct route to cross and allow the use of the bus lane.

The pavement on the park side approaching the park gate is too narrow for people to socially distance - a number of times I've either had to back up to cross over or if the road is clear, swerve into it to avoid others. It could do with bei ... [more]

Pinch point between pedestrians and pavement cyclists. It isn't always possible to cross the road to make way for cyclists as there's a raised barrier by the station and though the pavement doesn't seem to be an official cycle route, when u ... [more]

The council renewed the pavement surface, but took away the bollards, it is now a car park not a pavement. We want our bollards back.

No safe cycling possible as roads aren't wide enough

There’s only one pavement on one side of the road and the paved area is shared with parking spaces that are half Road half pavement. (It was an alternative route but this has been closed for many months construction work potentially be go ... [more]

Throughout this stretch of the Greenway the gates when you get to the road area are quite difficult to negotiate and maintain social distancing. Some thought needs to be given to all of the gates along the stretch so there is less need to ... [more]

This is a nice shortcut onto the Greenway, but there are a few curbs between Whitwell Road and the Greenway and if these were taken out it would make access to the Greenway a lot easier

Extend this cycle path to run the length of the road and allow for a true quiet way

The pavements outside EVERY school should be extended. Especially here (the entrance to nursery children for Park Primary. (Likewise on Ham PArk Rd by the playground gate and Matthews Park Avenue to allow for safe collection drop off for ch ... [more]

The pavements outside EVERY school should be extended to allow for safe collection drop off for children/ pedestrians walking , cycling or scooting to school.

The pavements outside EVERY school should be extended. to allow for safe collection drop off for children/ pedestrians walking , cycling or scooting to school.

The pavements outside EVERY school should be extended. Especially here (the entrance to reception year children for Park Primary. (Likewise on Ham PArk Rd by the playground gate and Matthews Park Avenue to allow for safe collection drop off ... [more]

Segregated cycle paths to connect schools along quiet ways and tie in with proposed school streets.

This dead end is a hotspot for anti social behaviour. Close it, install planters/ gate it or look at alternative road layouts to design out crime here.

Katherine road is neither cycle nor pedestrian friendly with constant illegal and pavement parking. a segregated cycle lane is essential along this road. to connect Romford rod all the way down to barking road as an alternative or ideally i ... [more]

Is it possible to make a cycle connection here up to the flats from Romford road by allowing cyclists two way access to this junction onto Hampton rd

This is a major junction and needs to be reformatted to favour cyclists and pedestrians, ideally with a cycle crossing point integrated into the design or a raised table multiway crossing including diagonals

Introduce segregated cycleway along school side as an east to west quiet way

Parking straddling pavement on both sides making it impossible to use either pavement with double buggy. Increase width of pavement and reduce parking.

Pavement is narrow and only on one side of the road. Social distancing via road very hazardous because of speeding motorists. Widen pavement and put in traffic calming measures.

Motorists always parked on pavement outside the boxing club. Path frequently blocked. Enforce no parking on pavement - makes social distancing impossible.

Cycle lane needed, plus traffic calming measures. Motorists often speeding.

Railings here make it impossible to socially distance. Remove plus add parallel cycle lane, so that cyclists aren't forced to use pavement to feel safe.

Dropped kerb and toucan crossing need to be installed to connect Mitre Road with Stephen's Road for cyclists.

Cycleways at this junction need clearing of street furniture and repainting.

Gates need to be kept closed here so that only pedestrians and cyclists use. They exist but are always open which means car drivers have started using Corporation Street as a rat run.

Dropped curb here for cyclist always covered by parked cars because parking box goes across it. Double yellows needed here.

Narrow pavement makes social distancing impossible.

There's a very bad nod of pedestrian footpath and cycle way. No space for pedestrian and awkward pedestrian/cycle road crossing.

Remove level differences to allow north-south cycling here.

Dismount sign here but should be made into shared use to connect between Greenway and A13 crossing points without dismounting.

Dropped kerb needed here to join carriageway for cyclists travelling from Whalebone Lane and turning left into West Ham Lane.

Shared use pavement required to connect Whalebone Lane with pedestrian crossing on West Ham Lane. Should be Toucan crossing.

This bus stop! No space for passengers waiting to board and pedestrians passing through, let alone anyone with a pram or buggy or pushing a bike.

The pavement widening that has been done here is awful. It doesn't even use the full space available in the parking bay and narrows right at the point on the pavement where street furniture creates a pinch point. Anyone using it would the ... [more]

A cycle lane is marked with paint, but it is also allocated as parking spaces. This means there is no usable cycle lane as it is full of parked cars!

Narrow lanes, fast traffic and no cycle lanes separate from car lanes.

The path is good here but Impossible to cycle safely down here and social distance from pedestrians due to very overgrown hedges/shrubs.

Remove pavement parking so the pavement can safely be used for two way pedestrian traffic.

Keogh Road is a long residential street with narrow paths and supposedly a cycling quietway, according to CycleStreets. But it’s also a speedway for cars. Time to add a filter at the Water Lane end.

A modal filter here would restrict rat running but still allow access to residents on Marlow road, hollington road, sandford road and Mortimer road. It would also reduce traffic on Masterman road thus making Brampton primary safer.

A modal filter here would restrict rat running but still allow access to residents on melford road, Monmouth road and sandford road.

There is ample room and demand here for a segregated cycleway. It would allow cyclists to access CS3 and the Greenway from beckton safely and help them act as an alternative to the DLR.

All traffic lights on the Greenway could be rephased so that once the button is pushed cyclists and pedestrians don't have to wait as long as they currently do. With increased usage, this will really improve the experience of using the Gre ... [more]

Remove pavement parking provision. The pavement is too narrow.

Close rancliffe road to prevent rat running from High at South looking to cut through to Boleyn junction.

This bus stop! No space for passengers waiting to board and pedestrians passing through, let alone anyone with a pram or buggy or pushing a bike.

Widen dropped kerb so that pedestrians, especially with prams and buggies don't need to use the cycle lane.

Contraflow cycle access is not recognised on maps. Can this be updated to enable people to find this route?

Which cycleway is in use? The one on the pavement punctuated with signs and bus stops or the one on the road with the potholes? Needs to be made clear and efficient.

Crossing point here is dangerous due to vehicles not sticking to the 20mph limit and restricted visibility due to the curves of the road.

The cycleway surfacing is badly damage and needs repairing.

Please add signage from Greenway to indicate that this is Prince Regent Lane. There is linear signage on the Greenway but no exit signage.

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